The Unlocked Mystic
The Sacred Sexual Woman
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You are being called to unlock the mystic within.  
There are many paths to do this.
If you are here, you are exploring the path of The Sacred Sexual Woman. Whether that's because you want to embody her or because you are ready to go deeper into your sacred sexual self.

The Sacred Sexual Woman is in-tune with her highest self.  She uses pleasure to heal, transform, create, and thrive in this world.  She is one with the cycles and seasons of her life.  She is in alignment with God and Spirit.  
She knows how to use her intuition to tap into the a Higher Power for divine guidance and support.
She is a light filled being that shares her love by her presence in any space.
She stands in her power and knows her worth.  She has strong boundaries she honors.  She speaks from the heart and lives with intention.
Her body is sacred. She connects with pleasure as a healing tool and is always exploring how pleasure can support her in this life.

If this is a woman you are looking to unlock with yourself or you are looking to go deeper into your sacred sexual self, grab the free PDF, which includes a deep meditation and journal prompts for discovering your sexual blocks and beginning to release them to step into your Sacred Sexual Self. 
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