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The first school on Nantucket to bring together Pleasure and Spirit, for deeper love, connection, and embodiment in a judgment-free zone 

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Workshops & Courses
Does the combination of Spirit & Pleasure make you more confident, grounded, and purposeful? Yup!  
We have found this combination to be powerful ripple effect to all areas of our lives.  And actually, pretty effortlessly.

Nantucket Love School has Self-paced as well as live courses and workshops to be able to learn as well as fine tune your abilities for intuitive/mediumship, self-love, and pleasure.
Community Circles
The most popular part of the Nantucket Love School would be our community circles. Once a week we meet to support each other.  There are also office hours where you're able to connect with Dorothy to feel supported with the love work. 
Love Resources
LoveBlog, Love Lessons, best practices, and more.  More ways to support you as you grow, transform, and thrive in the world. 
This path is for you if you're looking to be more intuitive or learn to be more in control of your psychic abilities and shield your energy. You love having intuitive readings done. Someone telling your future is so fun to you.

A question to ask yourself...Do I want to tap into Divine guidance for more ease in my life?
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This path is for you if you're looking looking for positive inspiration that makes you feel love, whether that is through ah-ha moments, empowering reminders of the wonderful person you are, or connection.

A question to ask yourself...Do I need a little more love in my life?

Yes I do!
This path is for you if you're looking to feel more pleasure in your body.  Is your sex life lackluster? Haven't experienced an orgasm, or have you had a challenging time with experiencing pleasure in your body?

A question to ask yourself...Do I want to have mind-blowing sex?

Yes I do!
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